Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi: the cellos

The original name of “Cello” is “Violoncello” and “Cello” is the common abbreviation. 
The size of the cello is about the double of the violins or violas.

The range of sound is very wide and also with high resonance. It can produce the tone lower and darker than viola but also brilliant and elegant high tone. The tone quality is soft, delicate and various, so the cello is an expert in expressing all kinds of feelings.

Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi realized different cellos mainly on demand of foreign musicians.
The tracks of these cellos were lost in the time, till now we have collected only sporadic news:  

  • In the ’80, existed a cello in Argentina still quite working.  The owner, a musician, contacted the son Orazio Bobbi asking him for another cello.
  • In 2007, we have come to knowledge of another cello in United States, still working, of which we are pleased to present some images, kindly moved available from the proprietor, Michael Waters – Vermont, USA.
  • In 2008 Michael Waters and Rebecca Landell Reed – Vermont, USA, recorded the cello performances available at this link