the Bobbi family welcomes the visitor to the virtual space devoted to the their own artists

during 800 up to day the Bobbi maintain live the artistic vocation and hand it down between generations, distinctive feature of the family

despite the passing of time and centuries, the love for art, music and nice works is never be missed, and not even deadened by Italian countless events from 800 till the present

this love get an old origin and she has been so patiently well groomed and gifted to next generation that, even if migrated to far regions and countries, they maintain this love live till now

in this way and with this feel we hope that this knowledge contribute could be read and appreciated

so as the new communication technologies and media are view as a new form and an additional opportunity to spread a part of family history about, that of the artists

here’s why, at starting of 2nd millennium, the publishing of artists’ family site that collects and presents documents of life and works of some of them:

Claudio Bobbi
Orazio Bobbi
Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi
Ettore Bobbi

to collect trace of works and documents is a very hard work as we know: it proceeds slowly, step by step.  This work is never closed: new works are adding now whereas other are forgotten or not tracked, new details are gained and complete known information while other require to be investigated….

for all these reasons we suggest you to periodically visit the site to learn about the Bobbi artists last news

for any information do not hesitate to write us by filling out the contact form

wishing you an enjoyable website tour we remain