Orazio Bobbi sculptor

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Orazio Bobbi, son of the sculptor Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi and Argia Zanini, was born in Milan in 1922 where he resided and worked until 2018.

The father, Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi, master sculptor, was the direct collaborator of Adolfo Wildt, and the young Orazio grew up, it can be said, with his father in the studio of this great artist absorbing his love for art and commitment of work.

This experience was decisive for his choice of life.

He completed his studies in Brera and then in Architecture, then as a sculptor he made important works mainly in bronze but also in iron, copper and wood.

The experimentation of new or different materials has characterized his artistic and expressive path.

The search for form and space is the constant of his work and is well present in his compositions and transpires even more than his precise and tense mark in solid architectural balances.

His works are developed in various fields such as:

restoration and architectural modeling,
drawings and mosaics,
relief sculpture,
all-round sculpture,

creating a rich but also very diversified artistic production.