Orazio Bobbi – Drawings and mosaics

The drawing has accompanied Orazio Bobbi since his first contacts with art.

Skilled in representing figures and images with essential traits, and in transposing ideas into almost tangible objects, he has also created works that are different from each other, such as:

charcoal and china drawings,
scarves (foulard),
ex libris,
stained glass windows.

In this his work has often sought criticism and comparison with artists and art experts both to refine his technique and to improve the understanding of his creations.

The realization of mosaics was concentrated between the years 50 and 60, then losing interest and commission.

In this field Orazio Bobbi has experimented with the use of materials such as stone, ceramic, bronze and resin, to obtain wall or floor creations.

Of the mosaics, images are not available today but only verbal and visual testimonies of relatives and acquaintances.