Ettore Bobbi – Manager of orchestra

Ettore Bobbi was born in Piacenza in 1858 by Davide Bobbi and Teresa Gadolini.

Following a musical education that leads him to become a teacher and conductor.

Ettore marries Francesca Maria Emilia Coralli, born in Alessandria in 1864.

Emilia is a dancer, also of artistic family traditions, and Ettore along with this family constitutes a theatrical company that, in the last mid-800’s, performs in opera, operetta and ballet performances, in the theaters of northern Italy but also undertaking touring tours abroad, particularly in North America and Central America.

It’s during one of these tours through in Central America, in Paraguai, the son Giuseppe Carlo Bobbi was born, destined to embrace the artistic profession in the figurative arts.

Ettore Bobbi died in 1901, leaving his wife Emilia to care for the three sons Giuseppe Carlo, Umberto and Luigi.