Orazio Bobbi – the High-reliefs

Orazio Bobbi has often chosen this type of representation to express his creativity and, in particular, for those works that are observed only in front, on the wall or on the floor. This limit has stimulated the artist to an original approach to modeling, in fact we find in the vast repertoire both works with classic fullness of the forms is the result of essential stylistic solutions rather than geometric synthesis.

In some high-reliefs the subject detaches completely from the plane of the work, without contact. The plan becomes only a support, a frame for the work or disappears.

For all the works in high relief the back side has never been modeled by the Artist.

Among the various implementation techniques adopted are: modeling and sculpting, carving and cutting with oxygen, etc …

And the materials with which the works were made are also different: wood, plaster, copper, bronze, iron, resin, etc …

The following gallery presents a part of these works.